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Keeping Retro's FREE

Our retro tool is used by over 50 organisations and over 1000 users, we're keeping this FREE for teams to use, all we ask is that you give our Candor Pro free trail a go! Let us know what you think.

Perfect for tech teams

Our sweet of tools is designed specifically with tech teams in mind. From retrospectives to 1:1s to the categories we track. We look at model tech teams in top companies all over the world to drive performance for users using our platform.
Example of the retros for each team

Retrospectives across multiple teams

Our tool is designed to allow you to run organisation wide retrospectives while still aggregating feedback to individual teams for AI categorisation and insights.


Capture actions from feedback

All feedback can be actioned, we've designed the system to keep users accountable for their commitments to their team and organisation. Actioned are managed per team and can be seen by admins.

Actions stick around

Over time your actions will build up and need to marked as resolved before they will be fully dismissed. This creates a culture of accountability as well as encouraging the whole team to work towards common goals.


All feedback is pooled together to create a central repository that can be interrogated for insights about how your teams are feeling and performance improvements.


Example of a retrospective summary

Understand your retro at a glance

As the people team you can scan retros easily at a glance to see where teams are doing well or have blockers in their setup, needs or processes.

See feedback highlights

Highlights are pulled out of retros and promoted to help give visibility of upvoted issues and achievements.

How to run an amazing retro

We've put together a guide to help you run the most effective retros
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