Take the daily pulse of your startup

Our intelligent algorithm survey's members of your team routinely to get up to date feedback.

Daily Questions

500+ questions across 12 categories

With over 500 specially crafted questions spanning 12 categories and 40 subcategories, Checkin's offers a rich repository to explore various facets of team dynamics and employee engagement. Our questions are designed to prompt meaningful responses, contributing to a thorough understanding of your team's morale and productivity.

Flexible Feedback Timing

Configure Checkin's to align with your team's schedule. Set up automated feedback collection on the days that work best for your team, ensuring maximum participation and accurate representation of team sentiment.

Engagement Metrics

Gauge the pulse of your team effectively. Checkin's measures engagement levels, providing insights into how involved and motivated your team members are, helping you address issues proactively.


Understand how this feedback contributes to the bigger picture

Get a comprehensive view of your team's feedback through our aggregated visualization on the core Candor dashboard. It simplifies data interpretation and helps in making informed decisions for enhancing team collaboration and morale.
An image of our AI-driven dashboard showing employee feedback scores across 12 categories.

See the change over time for each team

Track the progress and changes in team sentiment over time. This feature allows you to identify trends, monitor improvements, or pinpoint areas needing attention, ensuring continuous growth and adaptation.

AI-driven action suggestions

Leverage our AI assistant to translate feedback into actionable insights. It suggests strategies and actions based on the collected data, aiding in agile retrospective analysis, leadership development, and enhancing team performance metrics.
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