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Keeping Retro's FREE

Retrospectives should be part of every team's ceremonies, that's why we made it free, our retro tool is used by 100+ organisations all over the world.

Perfect for tech teams

All of our features are designed with tech teams in mind, this speed and velocity at which these teams move is why we optimised our platform for automation and simplicity. Keeping all of your ceremonies in one place. Feedback is automatically collected and aggregated with insights for you.
Example of the retros for each team

Retrospectives across multiple teams

As your organisation scales you want to track each team's performance individually, or potentially members sitting across multiple teams, maybe it's more of a hierarchy? All of it is possible with Candor. Run your ceremonies how you want.


Capture actions from feedback

All feedback can be converted into actions that stick around until they are resolved. This means we hold your teams accountable for driving change and improving performance in every ceremony.

Actions stick around

One of our most successful features is carrying over all features as you move along. We've found that teams are far more likely to follow through on their actions if we keep them front and centre for every ceremony.


All ceremonies contribute to the feedback database that sits at the core of the Candor software. This is constantly monitored for insights that are presented to you in your dashboard.


Example of a retrospective summary

Understand your retro at a glance

Retro summaries help you digest an entire retro worth of feedback in an instant. Letting you know if things are going well or do you need to take a deeper look.

See feedback highlights

Highlights are pulled out in our summary to show you where the team agrees things went well, not so well and any improvements they thought were worth upvoting. These can then be transformed into actions.

Share retro summary

Retro summaries are made to be shared, grab a screenshot and send it in Slack, Teams or even via email (we don't judge)

How to run an amazing retro

We've put together a guide to help you run the most effective retros


Emoji's & Reactions

Keep it interesting with Emoji's and Reactions on feedback celebrate, be frustrated and upvote feedback that you agree with or want to promote.


All Retros can be timed to make sure the session doesn't overflow, we also hide feedback while the timer is running to keep it unbiased.

Hiding feedback

Feedback is hidden while the timer is running in order to get the most unbiased feedback and to make sure if there is duplicate feedback it can be captured for all nuance and perspective.
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