Anonymous Feedback

Unfiltered insights to understand your team.

Out platform creates an environment where true feedback can flow to those who can drive action.


Internal links

The simplest way to collect anonymous feedback is to share your link with your teams, when the feedback is collected the user will be prompted to add more data like team, category and urgency.

Prompts from leadership

As a leader you might want insight into a specific area / category. Our tool allows you to send out a ping to collect this information. For example, you've actioned some change to improve focus in the office you'd like to ask your team about how it's been working without being too 'direct'.


Mapped to categories

All of our anonymous feedback will either be manually or automatically be categorised into our 12 categories and 40 subcategories. All of our tools are designed to work together to give you a full picture.
An image of our AI-driven dashboard showing employee feedback scores across 12 categories.

Integrated with your feedback dashboard

After being aggregated all the anonymous feedback is added to your visualisation of your team's sentiment. This allows you to take a wholistic view without bias.



To make sure you don't miss new anonymous feedback we'll send you a digest summarising the latest, allowing your to stay on top of what your team needs.

Actions from feedback

Like with all our feedback, actions be be created and assigned to a team. This allows you to have a central place for all of work you need to do to improve your culture.
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