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1:1s re-imagined for fast-paced teams, get things done while connecting with your team.


Designed for 1-click scheduling

Scheduling a 1:1 is a one click action on Candor. We know how packed a schedule is for a founder or startup leadership. We wanted a feature that help you stay on top of team ceremonies while being as flexible as possible.

Never miss a 1:1

Our interface is designed to give you a quick view of who you still need to catch up with in the period you are viewing. For example, if you select "Last two weeks" the system will show you who has had a 1:1 in the last 2 weeks and who still needs a session.


We'll remind you if it's been a while since you've connected with a member of your team. Let us take care of the admin while you take care of business.


1:1 Templates

Some routine conversations can have a structured format, we have a series of templates to help speed up the admin related to 1:1s. Our templates include: Growth Conversations, Performance Reviews, Performance Improvement, New Joiner, Routine Catch Up.

Capture notes before or during the session

Our platform is designed to capture and aggregate feedback and so it just made sense to add this to our 1:1 feature. Any notes captured before or during the session will be categorised by our AI and aggregated into our 12 categories.


Create actions directly from 1:1s

Actions are a core part of our system, actions can be created from feedback captured during a 1:1 and will be added to the actions for that team(s).

See insights from previous sessions

When you start a 1:1 you will see a quick summary of that team member, pulling in data from past sessions like retros, check-in's and 360s.

AI summary for quick recap

Quick scan all your recent 1:1 highlights with AI generated summaries
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