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Keep an eye on the mental health of your team without breaking a sweat.

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Hands-free management

Our cloud-based online tools are designed to automate your ceremonies and help you keep on top of good management practices, we know that running a technology team requires extra care to maintain talent, fight turnover and boost retention.

Squad / team based analytics

Look at teams independently to understand where improvements can be made, see how sentiment is changing per team and analyse feedback from all channels (retrospectives, checkins, 1:1s, 360s, etc.)

Monitor team culture

Keeping on top of how your wider team is feeling has never been easier, from 10 engineers to 100. You can drill down into teams or individuals, managing employee satisfaction without complicated onboarding and setup.
An image of our AI-driven dashboard showing employee feedback scores across 12 categories.

AI-generated summaries

Our fine-tuned model is trained to help you diagnose issues with culture and take meaningful steps to improve it. All data is analysed from feedback captured by our automated pulse surveys and ceremonies (retrospectives, 1:1s, etc.)


Unblock teams

Use highlights and our AI feedback to understand blockers in performance. Feedback in a retrospective is a goldmine of insight into what is blocking your team. Pick up on trends easily.

Understanding shortfalls

With everything from anonymous feedback to 1:1 tooling, never miss an important moment in your team. If there is a problem, with Candor, you'll find it.
Example of a retrospective summary
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