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Automatically collect feedback from your team and get AI-powered insights

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Pulse Surveys

Daily survey sent out to team members

Every day we send one simple question for team members to answer, this accumulates into the different categories. Out tool is designed to fit into your team's day to day without distractions.

Intelligent questions

Our question engine will always make sure that all categories are always populated, this means you'll never have a blind spot in your feedback — we'll poll all categories equally.

12 categories, 40+ subcategories

Our feedback is divided into categories and subcategories, this keeps your feedback simple at a high level but gives you the option to drill down. This also helps train our AI to identify nuances in the feedback.
An image of our AI-driven dashboard showing employee feedback scores across 12 categories.


Tools for all your cermonies

Using docs for 1:1s, Digital Whiteboards for retros, Survey tools for getting feedback. Technically these all work but try extracting key themes or trends in this data — very difficult if not impossible. We've brought all these tools together because these are the tools every startup needs to succeed.

Automated scheduling

We know how difficult it is finding time for ceremonies so we've designed our tools to make it as easy as possible to automate the scheduling or to know if you are falling behind.

Aggregated feedback

Feedback flows from all of these different tools into a central feedback database, we then aggregate that to your team dashboard and run AI over it to summary the current status and give you valuable actions to improve culture.


Capture actions from feedback

Every piece of feedback can be actioned. Find the plus icon next to feedback to easily connect it to an action, based on where it happened it will automatically assign it to a team.

Actions stick around

We believe in finishing what you started so all action are carried over into your next Retro, 1:1, 360 etc. until it is marked as resolved. Never loose your past actions / notes again.


All feedback is aggregated into a central source of truth, this means every one of your ceremonies is contribute to your central feedback database and are pulled into your team dashboard.


Example of a retrospective summary

Understand your retro at a glance

At the end of every retro we generate a summary for executive or for teams to reflect on what feedback was given, which actions were created and the distribution of sentiment in the team.

See feedback highlights

We pull out the most celebrated and most frustrating feedback from every retro to to highlight major painpoints to consider actioning.

Share retro summary

Our summaries are made to be sharable, whether you're dropping it on Slack or Teams, or potentially sending it to the executive team for a debrief. The visualisation is simple and quick to digest.

How to run an amazing retro

We've put together a guide to help you run the most effective retros

Retro Feedback

Emoji's & Reactions

Keep it interesting with Emoji's and Reactions on feedback celebrate, be frustrated and upvote feedback that you agree with or want to promote.


All Retros can be timed to make sure the session doesn't overflow, we also hide feedback while the timer is running to keep it unbiased.

Hiding feedback

Feedback is hidden while the timer is running in order to get the most unbiased feedback and to make sure if there is duplicate feedback it can be captured for all nuance and perspective.
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