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The ultimate solution for agile teams seeking efficient feedback and team morale tracking.

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Free Forever

Our retrospectives are the most popular tool and remain free for all users, demonstrating our commitment to accessible and sustainable team development.

Perfect for Tech Teams

Optimised for the dynamic needs of tech teams and startups, our retrospectives offer a customizable and user-friendly environment for all your team discussions.
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Multi-Team Capability

Facilitate retrospectives across multiple teams or focus on individual team needs with ease, ensuring every voice is heard and every team is aligned.


Emoji Reactions and Timers

Enhance your retrospectives with emojis for instant reactions and timers for structured discussions, keeping your team engaged and on track.

Private and Anonymous Participation

Create a safe and inclusive space for honest feedback with options for private invites and anonymous participation.

Actionable Insights

Action Points from Feedback

Easily capture and prioritise actions from your retrospectives, ensuring continuous improvement and follow-through.

Persistent Actions

Actions stick around and reappear in subsequent retrospectives, so nothing gets forgotten and progress is tracked effortlessly.
Example of a retrospective summary

Retro Summaries

Get a snapshot summary of each retrospective, including feedback distribution, highlights, and sentiment scores, for a comprehensive understanding of your team's dynamics.

Sharing your retro

Share concise and informative retro summaries with executives or your team, highlighting key outcomes and decisions.

How to run an amazing retro

We've put together a guide to help you run the most effective retros

Seamless Integration

Centralised Retros

Keep all your retrospective records in one place for easy access and historical reference.

Email Invites

Simplify participation by sending retro invites directly via email, ensuring everyone is included and informed.
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